Introduction to iPhone, iPad App for recording and simulating 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia football tournament【Free】

[2018/06/28 postscript]
I'm sorry, for everyone who downloaded this app.
This App is NOT compatible to the "fair play point" (rank by the number of yellow cards).

In order to make Japan pass the second place, in the Group H,
There is a way to make it right, Colombia win by "2 - 0 Senegal.


It's Free, Easy, No account / password required.

No Internet connection required once downloading.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia football tournament will be held soon.

Now, it's introducing standings app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that records the score, such as win-loss-points of the group stage competition and final 16 tournament. To play this app, you only need to follow 2 steps!


Step 1.  Get Filemaker Go

First of all, download Filemaker Go from App Store. (It's FREE) *1


iOS 11.2 or later

FileMaker Go 17

FileMaker Go 17



iOS 10.2 or later

FileMaker Go 16

FileMaker Go 16



iOS 10.1 and earlier

FileMaker Go 15

FileMaker Go 15



Step 2.  Download  WorldCup2018 File

And then download the "WorldCup2018_Eng." (it’s also absolutely FREE!), and open it with the donwloaded Filemaker Go.

(If you are not currently opening this page in Safari, be sure to open it in Safari before downloading)


Download WorldCup2018_Eng.fmp12


To record the score of the group stage

As you ca see below, a list of the group stage should appear. Table is blank at this point because no game start yet.




(Usability is same with both of iPhone and iPad, so screen shots for examples below are for iPhone. )


To record the match results, tap "Match Results" icon, and a list of games is displayed. Tap the game field where you want to enter the score. (background becomes light blue)



When making a score, just tap a ball icon of the team.




When the game finished, tap "Full Time" icon, , so the match result is fixed. To avoid unintentional inputting, no more scoring is acceptable.


Note that when both/either of team(s) couldn't make a goal, point "0" is populated automatically after tapping "Full Time" icon and mark "✓" appears.


Tapping "TOP" icon, sorts the entries by the results (Top/Down) .



Even during a game, you can check the rank on the group stage belonging.


  • If you mistake to enter the result of a game, you need to tap the "✓" icon. You will be able to modify the score.
  • Tapping "Undo" icon cancels the latest goal entry operation.
  • Tapping "Clear" icon clears all scores of the game.


All details of the standings, such as played games, points, number of win, number of lost, number of drawn, total scores, total goals for, goals against, goal difference are calculated/filled automatically, and be sorted in order.


To record the score of the final 16 tournament (Knockout Stage)

When all games in a group stage are over, a dialog is opened and you can move to the final tournament. Tap "OK" to proceed. Tournament brackets chart appears.



Teams in the first and second rank in each group, 16 teams are all present for the Knockout stage.

(Here, for example, it is assumed that Uruguay and Spain are playing a game.)


On scoring, tap name of the team.


When game finished, tap gray line of the tournament brackets to make a win/lose judgement. This means "Full Time".
("0" is populated automatically for scoreless)


The winning team name turns red(and moves to the next round), the losing team grays out.


In case of draw (including 0 vs. 0)

In the knockout stage, if the match ends tie, the penalty-kick shoot-out is done.

For example, if the game ends 1 to 1, another window is opened to record the score of PK shoot-out.



After entering the scores of each team's PK and tapping "OK", the total scores including the PK is recorded.




When all matches of the first round are over, you are automatically moved to the second round.


How to clear score when you mistake

If you tap any team unintentionally by mistake, or if you want to clear the result of the game, tap the line of the tournament brackets. PK window is opened. Tapping "Clear" button clears the current entry.






3rd place match

Teams lost in the semi-finals is automatically moved to the 3rd place match.

In the same way,  tap name of the team, and gray line.




When the Final championship is over, it will be like this. (sound comes out)



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Now, let's enjoy 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia together!



*1:If you already have one, go to Step 2

*2: If the game ends with 0 vs. 0, just tap a gray line, It automatically records  0 vs. 0 and PK score window will appear.

*3: Needless to say, you can not input the score of the second round unless all matches of the first round are over.

*4:You can not clear the game that is not over. Please finish the match to clear it.

*5:The only what you can clear is on-going round. For example, you are not allowed to clear the game of the first round even though final round has finished. Be sure to clear from the top of the tournament brackets chart (in order of finals → semi-finals → 2nd rounds → 1st rounds).